Can’t Install App?

Play Protect

It is important to always use trusted mods and install them from trusted sites to avoid potential security risks. Play Protect helps to keep your device safe, so we recommend keeping it enabled in the Play Store.

Signature Mismatch

When installing mods, it’s important to ensure that the signature of the old version matches the new or modified versions. For a safe and seamless experience, it’s recommended to use mods from trusted sources such as, as their signatures will be the same. This allows you to download, install, or update mods from both sites without losing any previous app usage or data.

Ex: If you have already installed the PicsArt mod from and need to update it, simply download the update from the same website and install it over the existing version to ensure it is updated.

Corrupt Apk files!

If any files are missing in the apk file, it will not install. If it is installed with missing files, it