Top 10 deepfake websites and apps

by ModApkz, Thursday, 22 February 2024 (5 months ago)
Top 10 deepfake websites and apps

Deepfake technology has become a growing concern due to its potential to spread misinformation and manipulate media. This post will explore the impact of deepfake technology and how it is being used to deceive and mislead the public. We will also discuss ways to combat the spread of deepfake content and protect against its harmful effects.

Recently, deepfake technology has gained popularity for its ability to spread misinformation. However, it also has entertaining uses, such as creating funny impersonation videos and personalized content. There are several user-friendly tools available for generating basic deepfake videos. Here is a list of top websites and tools for creating deepfake videos online.


Beginning with Deepswap, this online AI face swap tool allows users to generate videos, photos, and GIFs by replacing faces in media with another person. Additionally, users can choose from a wide selection of templates to create humorous videos by placing their faces onto movie characters, memes, or the opposite gender. Furthermore, the tool offers the capability to remove objects from images, fill in missing parts, and refine images using the AI editor.

Availability: Web


If you’re interested in creating fun deepfake videos, Reface is the perfect app for you. It’s available on the web, Play Store, and App Store, and allows you to put your face on superheroes, memes, and famous personalities. Simply browse through the app’s collection of videos, filters, and AI images, choose your favorite, upload your photo, and let Reface do the rest. The result will be a GIF or image with your face incorporated into the theme, which you can share with friends and family for a good laugh.

Availability: Web, Play Store, App Store

Face Swap Live

The next app we’re going to discuss is Face Swap Live. This app is designed to swap your face with other people in real time using the camera frame. It does an excellent job of accurately detecting facial features and expressions during the face-swapping process. Additionally, the app offers a wide variety of filters and photos that you can use to create unique and fun face swaps. There’s also a Costume mode that allows you to add accessories like glasses, beards, and other common objects to your face for even more creative options.

Availability: Play Store, App Store

Deepfakes Web

The Deepfakes Web website offers a paid service that creates deepfake videos by combining two source materials into one, with the output featuring the intended face as submitted by the user. To use this service, users need to upload a source video containing the face of the person they want to swap with the person in the target video. Once both videos are submitted, the website uses deep learning to train and study the videos, incorporating the intended face into the target video. This entire process can take several hours to complete and is priced at $4 per hour.

Availability: Web


Similar to Reface, FaceMagic offers an interactive and enjoyable experience for swapping your face with characters from popular movies and shows. Additionally, the app allows for custom face swaps by uploading videos, GIFs, or images. Utilizing AI and advanced face detection technology, FaceMagic produces quality results in just a matter of seconds.

Availability: Play Store, App Store


Avatarify is a face animation app that allows you to bring your images to life by adding cool expressions to your face, making it seem like you’re singing along to a song. To use Avatarify, simply choose a song from their extensive music library and upload a portrait photo where your face is clearly visible. Within seconds, you’ll receive a video of yourself jamming to the music, which you can then share on social media or in a group chat.

Availability: Play Store, App Store


MyHeritage is a powerful tool that can transform your static images into animated creations using AI technology. It’s perfect for bringing old photos to life from your family album. Simply upload your chosen image and wait a few moments for the result. The website aims to add natural movements to the images, replicating a video recording as closely as possible. Once you have your animated creation, you can share it with your family or on social media.

Availability: Web

Hey Photo | Top 10 deepfake websites and apps

Hey Photo is an AI enhancer tool that allows users to alter facial features in a given image. Its wide range of editing tools can change the direction of eyes, nose shape, and more. After registering, users can simply upload an image and use Hey Photo’s AI editing tools to switch up its look. While it’s not a deepfake, the ability to alter facial features from a single image makes this tool worth checking out.

Availability: Web


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